The bridge that still burns.

I was having a conversation with TheWife™ the other day, and while discussing the actions of some others that she knows, she said something which I could not agree more with, and that is (I’m paraphrasing here) “holding onto hate is not good for you.”  I could go all Yoda on this, but I don’t believe that extrapolating on this point is necessary.

Afterwards, I started reflecting on our conversation and started going through echoing caverns of my cranium, looking if see if there was anyone that I actually hated.  I was happy when I came to the conclusion that I, at this current moment, hold no hate in my heart aimed at any individuals.  Then I got to thinking that while there is no on residing in the hate chamber, there is reduced vacancy in the resentment area.  I discovered that I carry ill will towards a senior manager of my first employer out of college.  Even after fifteen years of the defining moment I would still like to stir things up with him.  In hindsight, though, his assholery was what pushed me into investigating teaching ESL which, as many know, is what landed me in China and meeting me now wife of almost fourteen years.  Like hell I’d ever thank him for it though.  Ends never justify the means.

“We sell beer, motherf*cker.”
-Steven Page, an epithet to a Molson Amphitheatre manager



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