I was actually kind of floored that “grumpism” isn’t in the Urban Dictionary.  I wanted to use it as an opening quote. How is this not a word.  Someone at work roughly defined it as the mental state of someone whom has been out educational institutions and are well into their careers that hate change, appreciating only things that have now would be considered retro.  I think this mental state would also apply to things that people do on the internet of things.  Take Facebook dramas, for instance.

Let’s back this up about fifteen years first.

When the internet gave everyone a new digital voice, many of us, including myself, chose to whine, and bitch, and complain, and sometimes say things that offended other people.  These other people would naturally include family and friends; let’s face it, unless you were showing your mommy or daddy bits, chances are the only people that read your stuff were people you actually knew.  Hell, I probably called people out by name at times, or alluded to people in such a way that the culprit could have been deduced by a grade schooler.  I had offended enough people in my online experiences that I eventually would lightly allude, or define a situation with as little detail as possible.  My whining and bitching became even more passive aggressive than it already was (kind of like right now).
Why would I write about it in the first place?  Sure, it was a good place to dump my thoughts.  In my naivety, I thought there was a certain sense of anonymity in writing online.  Truth be told, there was always the hope that I might somehow get attention to the website with the things I wrote from more than just the people I knew.  The internet was still relatively new back then, and I was just out of college.  Young and full of dreams.  Lonely, and dumb.

Enter grumpism.  Lately I’ve been reconsidering my rejoining of the Facebook (which occurred on October 24, 2014.. I just checked).  Being separated from pretty much everyone I know and being left out of some stuff at the office, I felt it was time to give FB another spin.  In just over the year in which I returned, I’ve learned how many people I know who are idiots, racists, sexist, homophobes (usually a combination of the three), hypocrites, and other choice adjectives that end with -ist and -es.  And let us not forget those who have carried on the early internet tradiction of being whiny bitches who complain about shit to gather attention by being completely ambiguous.  It’s so god-damned tiring.  How the fuck did I have any friends back then.  It’s bad enough coming from some fresh-from-college social moron, but most people I see on facebook now are fully grown, fully functioning members of society with kids, or grandkids, who should at this stage in their life be over this sorry attempt at getting attention and sympathy from a bunch of people you hardly talk to in person.  If this wasn’t text, I’d probably be grasping for air by now.

Circle back to me, now.  You know what?  I don’t care about your bullshit highschool dramas that you should have outgrew 20+ years ago.  Go back to posting useless unmotivational and annoying sayings over pleasant imagery, or God willing, something that is not horribly racist/homophobic/sexist that I might find amusing.  Deal with your shit.  Write a blog or something (like I just have.. see.. not a hypocrite).  At least then I have to actively pursue your whining.

Not really sure where grumpism really comes into all this.  But hell, it certainly got me started.




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