7 songs that changed my life – Day 4

The first musical influence that carried on throughout the rest of my life was the Barenaked Ladies.  My brother had got his hands on of a cassette dub of the orange tape that had If I had a million dollars on it, and I was immediately hooked.  Here we had a nerdy, quirky band from Scarborough, Ontario that had both silly songs, and some heavy tracks as well.  But it was the talk of Kraft Dinner and having a million dollars that sold me.  It wasn’t always easy being a fan of theirs either!  My Grade 10 English teacher was also fond of them which didn’t reflect well on my own tastes.  This couldn’t dissuade me though.  They were MY band.  I remained loyal through EVERY album afterward, seeing them in concert five times, but eventually got turned off when Steven Page left the band.  They haven’t been the same since.  And if like me you dream of a reunion, in an interview earlier in 2015 Ed Robertson was quoted as saying that no one “is in a hurry to work with each other again.”
Fun Fact: To this day, I have the occasional dream where I’m hanging with the band.



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