7 songs that changed my life – Day 2


If you think about it, this is kind of a logical evolution.  Eat it, the parody of Michael Jackson’s Beat it served as a catalyst for my desire to be the weirdest kid in school.  Weird Al Yankovic was my childhood idol (I’m just realizing this now).  Yankovic was everything I wanted to be; witty, funny, strange, skinny (ah, the plight of a fat kid).  I perma-borrowed Weird-Al in 3-D from my brother (I think).  I probably perma-borrowed “Born to be Stupid” as well.  My memory is a little fuzzy.  This followed with my first Weird Al cassette purchase of Even Worse from Steadman’s.
To this day, I can still sing along with the majority of Weird Al’s songs prior to the Running With Scissors album.


My Interwebz friend has this going on and invited others to share.  This has the potential to explain me a little bit.  Why not?



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