TheBlogcast – Episode 10 (repost) – August 21, 2009

In the tenth show of TheBlogcast, I celebrate by doing a little dance but offer the listeners nothing in return.  The music gets shaken up a bit by offering some Japanese pop and rock. I also talk about a study about gamers and depression.

TheBlogcast – Episode 7 (repost) – June 30, 2009

A Canada Day show.  All Canadian bands/artists.  Some recognizable, some iconic, and some that you might barely remember.  On the bright side, no Justin Bieber.


TheBlogcast – Episode 5 (repost) – June 5, 2009

Another re-release episode of TheBlogcast as I lead into the show’s relaunch.  It’s a bit dated.  Microphone audio is better.  Plus, I think I was still trying to find my “voice.”  Listen at your own peril.

TheBlogcast – Episode 3 (repost) – May 9, 2009

As I wait for my new mic to show up, I’m beginning the process of reposting all my old episodes of TheBlogcast™.  I apologize for the sh*tty microphone audio on this episode.  It was before I actually had a solid condenser mic.  They do get better along the way.  For the most part.