Accents, eh.

So being Canadian, there are a few things we generally have come to recognize. We get overcharged for air travel, telephone, internet, and cable, we generally get treated better than Americans when we travel the world, the Littlest Hobo theme, and we have a horrific time in creating (not producing), quality television. Canada has a fantastic television producing industry. That I could never decry.

When we think about accents, in general, it’s usually hard to recognize that we all have our own accent. It’s kind of like when our physical appearance or personality changes over time, we have difficulty recognizing it. No, we don’t say “aboot,” but our “u” is different than say our American counterparts. True story.
So tonight was watching one of my favourite Canadian productions, Forever Knight. For those of you who are not aware, this show aired for three seasons between 1992 and 1996. To save me from re-summarizing:

Nick Knight is an 800-year-old vampire working as a homicide detective on the graveyard shift in modern-day Toronto, a result of his feeling guilt for centuries of killing others and seeking redemption for his acts. Most of his colleagues are unaware of Nick’s true identity as a vampire. Only his friend, city medical examiner Natalie Lambert, knows about Nick’s identity as a vampire. One advantage to having a vampire working on the police force is the ability for Nick to use his superhuman characteristics, including enhanced senses and mind control, to help him bring criminals to justice. Nick’s quest for redemption becomes more complicated when fellow vampires arrive in Toronto and throw obstacles in front of him as he strives to reach his ultimate goal — becoming human once again.

If you’re fascinated with this pre-Twilight vampire series which features awesome Canadian melodrama, YouTube is always your friend.
So to the main point. I was watching the episode entitled “Hearts of Darkness” from the third and final season, only half paying attention to the dialogue, when I heard it. The accent. Detective Tracy Vetter (Lisa Ryder) was spewing off about something, and all I heard was her prairie accent coming out. It was there… so hard.

Minus a few week stint last summer, I’ve been away from Canada since August 2017. I’ve been inundated with accents from every major English speaking nation. English, Irish, Welsh, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, and South Africa, plus accents from mid-eastern nations as well as accents from English speaking vegabands who can’t really call any nation “home.” As such, maybe my ear has become more attuned the the various inflections and tones that we all spew in accordance to where we are from. The “u” and ending “r” sounds are very strong in Canada (but not all of Canada.. west coast is different and varies somewhat as you get towards the east). Regardless, our accent is there, and it can be quite strong. So now, what I want you all to do is to all become completely self conscious about it.

It’s Groundhog Day!

Why the movie Groundhog Day argues against stalker-ism and isn’t as creepy as some may argue.

So, as a friendly reminder to all of you, on what is likely another frigid day for you, today is Groundhog Day.  I’m sure none of you have forgotten, as you were all desperately seeing an end to your annual tundric nightmare.  You are wishing vehemently to the pagan groundhog god to bid an early end to you snow covered wastelands.  Idolatry.  Shame on you.  Hippocratic me.  I see no problem with this.

Which has become my custom for every February 2, I have again watched the aptly named movie “Groundhog Day.”  If you fail to recall (which derides even greater shame if you do not), the plot revolves around Phil (Bill Murray), an ego-centric narcissist weatherman reliving the same day, February 2, over and over again, where (spoilers) at the end he becomes a much better man and gets the girl.  I know.  I was shocked, too.

I didn’t need to be reminded that Groundhog Day was coming, as it probably comes a close third to Halloween for me.  I did make it an even greater point to watch the movie this year after I had read an article this morning about a Netflix series called “You.”  As part of my I have far too much free time so I’m going to go through all the articles from Google News routine, I came across this article from the Guardian regarding the series.  The author argues that the tropes often used in romcoms are somewhat misogynist by showing how if the roles were reversed, it becomes a psycho-crazy woman instead of the romantic male.  My inner SJW agrees with the authors viewpoint.  This is why I had to BE SURE that I watched Groundhog Day this year.  The author mentions Groundhog Day in the piece to help illustrate their viewpoint.  And really, if you watch the movie, they aren’t wrong.  Phil does try and seduce Rita by learning everything he can about her, reliving the same day after day after day.  Let’s face it.  The whole notion, by today’s standards, is 100% stalker and super creepy.  But something that is missed by pointing out the creep factor of Phil’s endeavors, is that as much as he tried, he never did actually earn Rita’s love and respect.  His stalking ways ended in failure EVERY SINGLE TIME.  He may have come close, but he was never able to seal the deal. 
In the article, the author points out how the male pursuit is often considered romantic while the female pursuit is considered psycho.  I don’t disagree.  What I do disagree with is the author’s using Groundhog Day to try and support their argument.  His stalker tendencies never earned the respect of his love interest.  What earned her respect was the man that he eventually became.  Phil realized that he was a jerk and knew that he needed to change.  He had been given an opportunity to become the best person he could possibly be and he became that person.  It was only then that he earned the love and respect of his love interest Rita which eventually broke him of his curse. 

In today’s realm of social media, finding all you need to know about a person through a search engine and services is pretty easy.  I would likely call you a liar if you tried to tell me that you’ve never name searched anyone.  In a way, name searching is a way of protecting ourselves and I do not advise against it.  The internet offers a way of breaking through people’s exterior and seeing what they are all about—which can save us a whole lot of (butt) hurt in the end.  Groundhog Day tries to show that despite all the stalking (reminder that it was pre-internet), it isn’t what you learn about a person that makes them like/love you.  It tries to show that it is the person that you are that will determine what people think of or feel for you, while also showing that stalking will not help you achieve the affections of whom you are chasing.  As such, in this authors opinion, Groundhog Day still holds up as a great movie and should not be condemned in the same way that songs like “Baby, it’s cold outside” have.  Just like that song, there’s a lot more being said than what is seen on the surface layer. 

Dear George – Day 2

Dear George,

Another birthday has come and gone from both sides of the globe now.  I appreciated the wishes I got, and found myself surprised at some that I had not expected.  Sometimes I feel as though I’m a spectre that failed to make it into Tobin’s Spirit Guide.  Gone but not forgotten, and celebrated on special days.  An ethereal figure that occasionally manifests and materializes to his loved ones when the Ewoks throw a party about victory and mixed metaphors.

I was having a discussion with one of the recruits the other a couple of days ago and it the conversation turned to trying to understand who we are as individuals.  I had never really had much discourse with this individual up until now, with hindsight indetifying how intense a topic that was with people who really do not each other that well.  With I being the older one, he inquired how one does discover their true selves.  How do I answer that question?  The moment I finally understood myself came like an epiphany presented in neon lights and musical dance number starring Danny Kay and Bruno Mars.  Certainly there was ground work that was completed through readings that I would have never understood when my naïvity and raging emotions were at their peak.  Rationalization was not a weapon in my arsenal and observations were done at face value.  The best I could tell the lost soul was to read historical and philosophical texts in earnest and it would come to him eventually.

There remains a reverence to those who are culturally recognizeds as educators and experienced, but despite my accumulated cycles, am I in any way qualified to give guidance?  I wonder.

Tomorrow is a day of rest.  I believe I have earned it.  However, I’ll leave it up to history to be the judge of my actions.

Regards from the lines,


Another restart. Dear George. Day 1

Dear George,

By now you’re certainly aware that you do not exist.  Sure, there is a George out there.  There are even a couple of Georges that I have met along the way.  But you George, are not real.  I’m going to be a dick and use your monicker for my own end– which is to try and keep me motivated to write more regularly.

Some of what I write you will be true.  Some of what I write you I may believe to be true, but may be wildly inaccurate.  And some of what I write will be, to put it bluntly, will be complete and utter bullshit.  You will be my audience of truth and lies and you will enjoy it.  You will enjoy it because I will you to enjoy it.  You are a figment of my creativity after all.  Maybe you might even write me back sometime, however let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Moving on, then.

Today was a day like any other, which is to say that I woke up, I broke my fast (I will never use this George R.R. Martin device again, I swear on the blood of every last Stark), and went Building 2 to commence with my day’s classes.  Also, thanks to modern travel and the ongoing use of time-zones, I began commemorating my birthday more than a full twenty-four hours before my actual time of birth.  This creates an intersting void where well-wishes feel either late, or being unconciously witheld or forgotten.  It’s true that I am generally unconcerned with birthday greetings, but I am always half-prepared for them.  It is now the end of my day, and only now, just as I prepare for bed, that I am starting to recieve a small wave of them.

There is more to say George, but I grow weary.  More shall come.  Some letters may be larger, and some may be smaller.  But they will come.

Regards from the front lines,


Resurrection is iminent.. or close to iminent.. -ish.

I’ve alluded to it a few days ago via Facebook.  I had been thinking about it for a while and how much I missed doing it.  Thus I made the decision and a rash purchase of a new microphone (that I’m still waiting for.. Chinese New Year shipping delays) in order to bring back TheBlogcast™!  While I’ve been waiting I’ve put as many of the pieces in place as I could.  New logos, RSS feeds, iTunes and Google Play availability, website integration, Facebook page, AND re-uploading the 20 episode backlog that stretches between April 2009 and May 2010.  It’s all available.  I’ll start promoting the hell out of it soon– and by “the hell out of it,” I mean that I’ll share new episodes on the social medias.

One thing I found, after listening to all the shows, is how much I have changed over the past nine years.  Things I would say on the show I’d abhor even thinking about now.  But I’ve posted these episodes anyway because it is a good demonstration of how people can change.  In a way, it’s kind of refreshing when you realize that you haven’t become stagnant.

So, as the graphic suggests.  TheBlogcast™ will be back soon (I’m hoping within a week or so).  I hope you’re as excited as I am.