Cast and Errata

In my half-assed attempt at being semi-anonymous on my page here, this page will be a list of pseudonyms of people and places I frequently mention in my posts, with a description of who they are.  If you know me personally, then you’ll be able to do the math.  I will keep this updated as people are added.


Andrew (Andy) Anderson – Yours, truly

TheWife™ – Self-explanatory

TheMom™ –  Self-explanatory

Lyle – Brother from another mother

Slim – Brother from another mother

Alice – Retired former student and friend of TheWife™

Howard – Partner of Alice, English expatriate. Ph.D. in something.



Newold City – The city in which I am teaching for the second time–thus new and old.  See what I did there?

School U – The university in which I am teaching