Dear George – Day 2

Dear George,

Another birthday has come and gone from both sides of the globe now.  I appreciated the wishes I got, and found myself surprised at some that I had not expected.  Sometimes I feel as though I’m a spectre that failed to make it into Tobin’s Spirit Guide.  Gone but not forgotten, and celebrated on special days.  An ethereal figure that occasionally manifests and materializes to his loved ones when the Ewoks throw a party about victory and mixed metaphors.

I was having a discussion with one of the recruits the other a couple of days ago and it the conversation turned to trying to understand who we are as individuals.  I had never really had much discourse with this individual up until now, with hindsight indetifying how intense a topic that was with people who really do not each other that well.  With I being the older one, he inquired how one does discover their true selves.  How do I answer that question?  The moment I finally understood myself came like an epiphany presented in neon lights and musical dance number starring Danny Kay and Bruno Mars.  Certainly there was ground work that was completed through readings that I would have never understood when my naïvity and raging emotions were at their peak.  Rationalization was not a weapon in my arsenal and observations were done at face value.  The best I could tell the lost soul was to read historical and philosophical texts in earnest and it would come to him eventually.

There remains a reverence to those who are culturally recognizeds as educators and experienced, but despite my accumulated cycles, am I in any way qualified to give guidance?  I wonder.

Tomorrow is a day of rest.  I believe I have earned it.  However, I’ll leave it up to history to be the judge of my actions.

Regards from the lines,




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