Trying something a little different.

Up until now, most of what I have put here has leaned towards the TLDR realm.. and for those unfamiliar with the acronym, it means “Too Long, Didn’t Read.”  I’ve been reading Douglas Coupland’s latest book, Bit Rot: stories + essays, and it has inspired me to try and write more frequently, but with less content.  More off the cuff thoughts that may range from being insightful to borderline nonsensical.  This might be more akin to how I used to blog back in the days of RUHome, where posts were often short, my spelling and grammar were horrible, and I would post for the simple sake of posting.

The majestic magpie!

Magpies.  I know, right?  You’ve heard the name.  At some point, in the back of your cranium, you may even recall that it is a bird.  To some, magpies are a plenty and are annoying scavenger, like a crow or seagull.  If you are like me, you just witnessed your first magpie a mere week ago and become slightly fascinated.
I was talking with my mother the other day about them, and we had difficulties coming to a conclusion why these birds haven’t found their way to southern Ontario or Vancouver Island (maybe they have, but we just haven’t seen them?).  Why is it these birds are so localized?  What keeps them from the east?  Do we just smell that badly?



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