Distance is a shield.

“Daniel supposed he had a secret life. Most people did; it was hardly possible to live without one.”
P.D. James, Original Sin

Living on the west coast of Canada, I’ve become shielded from everything that goes on back home.  The true is also in reverse– people have no idea what I’m doing with myself here except working and being married (is that actually an action?).  For all anyone in Ontario knows, I could be an alcoholic recluse who spends his time writing bad poetry trying to reach the inebriated grandeur of Edger Allen Poe.  In some ways it’s comforting to know that what I do and who I am slowly becomes a mystery to my friends and family.  Again, this is a two way street.  When I come flying across the country, a sense of re-discovery takes hold as I get to catch up with those that I care about.

Edger Allen Poe

There’s news that I’ve been humming and hawing about putting up for display since I initiated the process in June.  As of last Thursday, I now have my full class 6 license.  For those outside the province of British Columbia, that means I can legally ride a motorcycle.  In all honesty, this process indirectly lead to me starting this web site.  A guy in his late 30’s getting his motorcycle license?  Can that feed any more into the MLC cliché?  I haven’t went out and bought a bike yet, but I’m casually looking.  Riding season can last 11 months of the year here as long as you bundle up.
It’s really a complete reversal on my opinion of motorcycles that I had for most of my life.  Actually, nix that.  It’s not that my opinion of them has changed, but more a realization that I’m mature enough now to be a lot more responsible about it.  Being responsible doesn’t negate the feeling and excitement though.  Riding is fun, and a much needed new experience for me.  TheWife™ is also cautiously excited as well.  She looks forward to going on joyrides of exploration on the island, as do I.  It’s also good to know that I’ve scratched another thing of my list of possible future regrets as I continue to take stock of the ones that I already have.




4 thoughts on “Distance is a shield.

  1. I just assumed you were an alcoholic recluse. Glad to hear that’s not the case. Motorcycle has always been in the back of my mind but has been brought to the forefront by SoA. I could be a kick ass Bobby Munson!

    1. I’m not an alcoholic recluse yet. It’s always good to have goals. And believe it or not.. shame on me.. I’ve yet to watch a single episode of SoA.

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